Brain Tumour

Hi folks, this is my first post, just a newbie.. 

I had my benign brain tumour removed 6 weeks ago, after craniotomy.. I'm progressing well energy levels going up every week and even my hair starting to grow back on... However, I am experiencing excruciating headaches at the back of my head and visual disturbance in right eye.. Be happy to chat to anyone who's been through similar.. 

Thanks for sharing in afvance


  • Hi Julesy67

    Think you need to contact consultant secretary and get the appointment brought forward as you have new symptoms. 

    When they discussed the operation they would have told you to expect headache or  eye problem. 

    They told my son exactly what would happen to his perfect 20/20 vision and it did just that. ..he became hemianopic left side due to the tumour being partial resected on his right occipital lobe. 

    I would urge you to call them asap if these symptoms were not mentioned st consultation. 

  • Thank you kindly for your time and advice, I already have contacted secretary and explained my situation but unfortunately my consultant is on holiday for 3 weeks! It was left at that, I'm seeing my gp tomorrow so I'm hoping he can get the appointment brought forward..

    Thanks again and hope you and your son are well. 

  • Hi Jules

    I too had a benign brain tumour removed in 2006 which had damaged my sight in my right eye (still have no sight in it). It damaged my optic nerve before the Dr's and opticians found the tumour which was 8cm. I had an emergency op the following week and it took 6 months to properly recover to an exceptable level in my mind.

    I did l/do have similar side affects that you have mentioned, and mine were caused by nerve end damage when they clipped my skull back together (I can scratch the front of my forehead but I feel it at the back of my head). I was hoping my sight would improve but it didn't. 

    I can say that it is normal to have headaches especially so soon after the operation if the tumour was large then it had distorted the shape of your brain, so now the tumour is not there, your brain is beginning to get back into its original shape. I still have constant pressure in my head now. But that is partly due to me having a 2nd Tumour which was removed in 2009 and a 3rd which is being monitored.

    I would suggest that you seek advice from your Dr which I see you are doing. I hope you get some answers however I find in this situation, as I have before, is that they haven't had a tumour so they can only give the standard advice from 2nd hand information rather than an actual answer that only people who have been through it can give.

    It will get easier but it may be wise to get an appointment at your opticians or register to one as they have really good equipment that can give the best answer to your eye issues. They can send their report to your GP and Consultant then if anything is picked up.

    I hope this helps and I hope you feel better each and every day

    Best Wishes