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Primary brain tumour suspected cancerous.

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Hello all

My mother has had the preliminary chat with the hospital doctor at Charing X after her CT and MRI scans. The team has said they think it's primary and it's probably cancerous. However the only symptoms she's had is being mildly unsteady on her feet from time to time.

He said it appears to be slow growing as she's had the symptoms for a couple of years. It's in a region at the back but not on the cerebellum but surrounded by vital brain structure.

We are going tomorrow for the first chat with the team.

I don't want to obviously try and second guess tomorrow but is there any advice, hope or surgeon recommendation for second opinion?


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Hi you are entitled to second opinion and in our case the hospital was more than happy to help but decision was with us to find out where we wanted the hospital to send all reports and images etc.They were happy to send them that very afternoon. One thing I've learnt is time is of the essence. 

If you are going for second opinion get onto it straightaway depending on where you live there are many hospitals with excellent neuro services