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Hi Everyone :)

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I just thought I would say hello and explain my current situation.

3 weeks ago I collapsed without warning at work. At first I thought it was a stroke as my entire right side was paralyzed and I was unable to speak yet remained conscious throughout.

At hospital the scans showed that it was not a stroke but in fact a brain tumor located pretty much in the center of my brain where it is apparently not operable (at the moment).

I am now about to go for my first biopsy to see what type it is and will have to go from there with whatever treatment they feel is appropriate. Truthfully it is not the tumor that bothers me most, but the constant disruption to my daily life that the constant seizures I now suffer from have wrought.

I started my own blog, on a friends recommendation, and have found this to be a great help in expressing what is in my head. I will not spam this group with the blog posts as I would never be that rude....however if you wish to read it the link is in my profile or I would be happy to message the details.

I don't honestly know what I want to get out of this....but just knowing that there are others the same as me out there is a comfort in itself.

I am right at the start of my journey but if anyone wants to chat or just bend the ear of a stranger then please hit me up.

Assylumn x

Whatever does not kill you....had better start running :)

Hello Ass :),

Welcome to one of a group that nobody would like to join. It must have been a little scary knowing what was going on but not being able to talk. With my first fit at least I was in hospital when I woke up.

First of all I should say is that you seem very controlled about the situation, with I think is a very good thing, as is the blog. I'll have to have a butchers at that.

Let us know how things go with the biopsy. I suspect you might be in for some radio and/or chemo once the results are known.

With the fits, I assume that you are now taking some drugs to get those under control. It may take a while for you to sort out the right one and the right dose. It took me a while for that to be sorted but I have been on the same for years now.

Your attitude is the right one. It may not be operable - at the moment. Things are progress is made all the time with new technology etc.

Good luck with the biop.