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Doctor has referred me to see a neurologist...

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I have been symptomatic for many months but didn't think they were that important so never mentioned them to my doctor until this week. 


Lost ability to write about 9 months ago.  (but assumed it was cramp or arthritis due to using a computer mouse alot) My hands were starting to shake a lot.

From about January, suddenly started to lose weight without dieting and became very fatigued.

Started feeling breathless.

From April, fatigue has got worse, lost more weight, could hardly walk up stairs without pulling myself up using the banister.  Also noticed my head was bobbing uncontrollably and my hands were shaking more.

In the past month, I feel very unsteady on my feet and have fallen over several times both indoors and outdoors (particularly when I need to cross the road and look left and right).  I actually fell in front of a bus a week ago and could have been killed. 

I keep dropping things. I have lost strength in my limbs and I feel so tired, even after sleeping for 10 hours at night.  My speech has become slurred and I often find it hard to get words out.  My neck feels stiff at the back.  I have short term memory loss and have to watch my favourite soaps at least 3 times before I can register what happened in that one episode.  I also feel that my head is always hot and my face is clammy, even though they aren't.  So I keep feeling the need to wash my hair because I think the heat has made my hair feel lank.  My eyes are sore.

Anyway after feeling so unwell with all the present symptoms, I decided to go to see my doctor and told him how I had been feeling.  He didn't mention tumours or anything but said he will refer me to see a neurologist, who would most likely request that I have a brain scan.

What are your thoughts?  Do my symptoms sound like I have a brain disorder?  How long does it take to see a neurologist these days?  I feel I am going down hill fast!

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Hi Bambi2012 

The symptoms you describe sound neurological and I would urge you to go back to the doctor and get referred as a matter of urgency. 

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Thanks.  I might ask for a call back tomorrow and find out exactly how long it will take to see the specialist because I seem to be feeling worse by the day now