Sons Brain Tumour

My son (33) complained of headaches and strange de ja vu feelings to his gp who referred him for an MRI which was done on Thursday 6th June 2019.  We were told 10 days for results but the next day 7th June we got a call from GP who called us in to tell us the hospital had contacted her and she informed my son he had a brain tumour and that it was being discussed at an multi disciplinary team on Tuesday 11th June and we should hear back a day or two after that.  WELL WE DIDNT!  So the GP called the hospital on the 14th June to be told that the first meeting it was decided they need another specialist onboard, and that they were going to another MDT meeting on wednesday 19th june, and that someone would ring my son wednesday afternoon from the hospital.    Now on Saturday he received a letter calling him to an appointment at neurology on the 18th June to discuss "his headaches and slight seizures"  no mention of a brain tumour. so

1. Is this normal procedure for the hospital not to actually inform you its a brain tumour, but let your GP do it?

2. Is this appointment at Neurology, maybe the hospital actually informing him officially its a brain tumour?

Just seems to be all confusing to my son.

  • Hi Roxy21163 

    Thinking about you as I too am mother of son with Brain Tumour. 

    Wondering how op went. 

    Wishing you all well and hopefully they say it's benign. 

  • i

    son had debulk 25 July, most removed. Biopsy results will be during week starting 5 Aug. The op went well, tho he has developed partial sight in left eye, and weakness in left arm and leg. So physio and occ therapy to come and he will need constant supervision for a few month's.