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I have just had stereotactic radiotherapy on my brain and would like to go on holiday in 3 weeks so i was wondering is it safe to fly

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I had stereotactic radiotherapy on my brain 3 days ago for 2 small tumours now I would like a holiday in 3 week and was wondering would it be safe to fly

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Hi and welcome to the online community

It's great to hear that you're feeling well enough for a holiday. To make sure that your travel insurance covers you, you will need to have asked your consultant if it's okay for you to go on holiday so he will then be able to advise you if it's safe to fly or not. If he says that you're okay to go make sure that he records that conversation in your notes.

If you don't have travel insurance in place yet could I point you in the direction of the travel insurance group. Once you've joined look for the thread called 'Recommended Travel Insurance' as that is where most of the recommendations are held.

I do hope that you can go away as planned and that you have a lovely holiday.


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