Causes of brain tumors

Hi, I would like some help. I have a friend in Moscow who had a large brain tumor removed a few months ago. Of course this situation has been very traumatic for her and her family. She has told me that a doctor at the hospital told her that, judging by the size of the tumor, it seemed to have started growing about two years ago. He then told her that brain tumors are caused and don't just happen. He asked her what she was doing two years ago to cause this. I have always been under the impression that tumors are more of a genetic malfunction rather than something caused by external issues, outside of radiation poisoning. Nevertheless, she now feels like she could be at fault for her illness. Am I right in my thinking, or is this doctor correct? I don't want to misinform her. Thanks

  • Hi

    This is the first time I have ever heard that a doctor has said this. It almost makes it sound that the doctor has his own assumption or is maybe doing his own studies into what causes it. 

    I have heard radiation even from too many xrays could be the cause  especially if  your friend had them from young age. Some studies are being done on usage of mobile phones too but are so far inconclusive. Even if there is some evidence of this cause but scientists will not confirm until all studies are complete. Who knows in this world there may even be a cover up as the phone giants would be at risk of losing billions if it is proven cell phones caused brain cancer?

    How this doctor pinpoints the exact time  tumour evolved is beyond me! Unless the doctor had another earlier  scan to compare it with. Tell your friend to get a second opinion as the BRAIN is so complex and it's probably the only organ the doctors don't fully  understand. 

    From what I have read it seems no one knows why some people get brain tumours. 

  • Hi MH,

    Welcome to the community. I am sorry to hear about your friend being in her situation.

    I am very surprised that the doctor told her this. As with Mad has said this is the first time I have ever heard that a doctor has said this. If a doctor is able to do this then he should be lauded for his achievement and now be world renowned.

    Please take this as my point of view as a person who has a tumour and has read a lot about this but I am not a medical expert in any way.

    To be able to tell from the size of a tumour when it started is very impressive. As far as I am aware there would be no way of telling when a tumour has started or why, unless you know what the situation was beforehand. If you were able to have had an MRI scan (or other type of check) just before showing no tumour then another scan just afterwards showing a tumour then I might believe him.

    To be able to tell how fast the tumour is growing right now is also very impressive.
    To know how a tumour started? How does he know this?

    I some incidents may cause injuries but that is not the same as a tumour starting. As it turns out there is an interesting article on the BBC web site printed only yesterday! An injury not a tumour and the lady became aware that she had a problem quite quickly and did not have to have an operation.

    Please tell your friend that it is not her "fault" - it may have happended or the tumour just grew. The doctor cannot tell.


  • Not only mobile phones but any kind of radiation in close proximity to your body. Apart from mobile phones we also have all bluetooth devices and wifi and home cordless phones, all operating at 2.4GHz (which also happens to be the microwave cooking frequency). Imagine wearing bluetooth headphones or being on the cordless phone to your friend for an hour.

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have heard that radiation can cause tumors. He didn't say you must have had radiation, but rather she was just doing something. Seems so strange to me. 

  • Thanks for your reply. I was surprised as well. Its not as if it's lung cancer caused by smoking. Saying you caused it could be hard on someone.