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i have just been told I have a meningioma have been referred to royal victory hospital,I am so confused as it all happened so quickly,how long will I have to wait to be seen .

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Hello , i hope you’re feeling well today, I’m sorry you haven’t been given a personal experience answer, I popped in as I noticed you hadn’t had a reply here. I see in your other discussion In ask a nurse they have replied, I wasn’t sure if you’d seen it so I’m putting the link below for you.

Best wishes.


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Hi Tobey

I have also recently been diagnosed with a meningioma. I didn't have to wait very long. Have you been seen yet?


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Hi, I was diagnosed around the same time - it was an incidental finding and quite a shock. I didn't wait long to be seen. They can't remove mine because of where it is - behind my eye - so I'm just for monitoring at present. Do you have a plan in place yet?