Coughing up blood

I don’t know what’s going on with my boyfriend. He finished radiotherapy at Christmas since then it’s been one thing after another . He has been too ill for chemotherapy he was in hospital for 5 days as his heart rate was over 200 beats per minute when he came home he got an ulcer on his leg after an allergic reaction too the heart pads he’s been bed bound for three weeks it’s healing but his muscle in his calf won’t bear his weight and now in the last two weeks he’s coughing up blood . He’s in denial saying it’s his brain healing yes I know he’s living with the fairies .... I did digress he was diagnosed with a grade 3 astrocytoma a regrowth of a previous tumour which was removed in 2017 a grade 2 astrocytoma . He was first diagnosed in 2016 after a seizure. I’m absolutely frantic he won’t talk about the coughing up blood he’s had an upper respiratory infection since December . My question is this can a primary brain tumour spread ???. If anyone can help I’d appreciate it he won’t let me ring the onocolgy department I had too cancel his last appointment as he’s unable too walk it’s getting too the point we’re im cleaning away blood soaked tissues clots which he hides with the tissue ( well tries ) . Thank you sorry for the ramble 

  • Sorry just too add he’s taking dexamethasone for brain swelling hence heart rate increase . He sleeps a lot he doesn’t eat like he used too scared is not the word I’d use I’m at the end of my rope in lost and frustrated with him .

  • Maybe give the Macmillan helpline a call? As to your exact question about whether primary brain tumours can spread, I believe it's very unusual but I'm not an expert. Whatever the case, it sounds like a tricky situation and hopefully Macmillan can advise.

  • My consultant neurosurgeon  told  me many years ago that.malignant brain tumours do not metastasize but that they always grow back. and this has been true in my case. I’m alive 19 years after diagnosis thanks to surgery, some chemo and self-help. But it’s a long and lonely journey no matter how much support you have, and you can never have enough. Ask your own doctor though. There are so many tumour types.