Child MRI results

Hello everyone, 

i don’t know if I’m in the right place so please forgive me if not. My 4 year old son has been unwell since January. We took him along to A and E where we were told it was a viral infection. 4 weeks later his symptoms were worse, headache every morning after waking, clumsiness, personality change-far more irritable and sensitive to noise. So we went back to the GP who done an urgent referral to a paediatric consultant. We were then given an appointment for an MRI which he has had. 3 days after the MRI I received an appointment in the post to see his consultant (she is currently away) on her first week back. I’m a little worried as I know people who have received results through letters not an appointment. 

I would be so grateful to hear of others People’s experiences please. 

Thank you all

kyla x

  • All I can say is try not to worry. There are many people who have benign tumours and they won’t know until they look. That fact that you have been called back could mean they have seen something in the scan but until it’s had a biopsy no one can tell you what it is. It could be nothing so try and focus on that. Worrying won’t change anything. It horrible when it’s your child xxx