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Advice on what to expect

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My uncle had a large mass removed from his cerebellum in an emergency situation as it was blocking the brain fluid.  It was sudden we had no idea he had a tumour as all he had was sickness.  The tumour turned out to be a secondary adenocarcinoma and the primary is unknown CUP(cancer of unknown primary) they think is possibly from the colorectal area.  To cut a long story short we have been told he has about 6-9 month to live and no treatment is to be given.  He already suffered from cerebral palsy and learning difficulties and only has one eye, so it’s very hard to gage the damage, his mobility is slow but he’s managing well, he’s constantly repeating himself and his short term memory is bad, he shakes when he grips anything and suffers from head, neck and stomach ache.  We have full time carers as he’s back home but I have no idea what to expect as to his decline, I haven’t had much on why this is going to ultimately kill him, so I get very confused as the tumours been removed and they can’t find his other cancer, more so as we can’t completely explain to him why his life has changed so much.  Does anyone have any help or advice on what we should look out for or what we should expect.  He’s the kindest man you could ever meet, life is just so u fair at times.  Thank you x

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I replied to you in the CUP group when you hadn't had any replies to your query and I'm sorry to see you haven't had any replies in this group either. It's probably because the people in this group haven't had the same experience as your uncle so don't feel that they can help.

It might be an idea to post your question in ask a nurse and one of the specialist cancer nurses will aim to reply within 2 working days.


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