Early symptoms before diagnosis

Hello, I am about to have a whole series of tests as I am having difficulty with balance and walking as well as not knowing words I want to use and forgetting to do normal things like closing the garage after driving the car in. 

‘If you could tell me a little about your early symptoms, I would be happy to have some way to see what has happened for others. Thank you for your time and effort. 

  • Hello Firefly,

    Before she was diagnosed with a brain tumour my daughter's early symptoms including some similar to yours: she had trouble with her balance and walking, and using her right arm and leg  (the opposite side to where the  tumour was.) She had some difficulties with speech too, but didn't have memory problems like you say you have. But her most notable symptom was suffering from seizures. Brain tumours can cause a variety of symptoms depending on the location and type of tumour, but I think your symptoms could well have many other causes apart from a brain tumour, Please try not to worry until you actually get a diagnosis! 

    Good luck with your tests.

  • Thank,you for your response, it is hard not to worry but it’s also hard not being able to walk or think properly. Some parts of the brain are indeed connected to speech, cognition and tasks like sequencing etc. I’m guess I’m just trying to prepare myself with as much knowledge as possible. Thank you for your well wishes and my love and concern for your daughter and your family. Xx

  • Thanks for your good wishes. It may help you to know that 3 years on from her surgery and chemo, our daughter is doing well, and her symptoms are much less though she still has some minor problems with speech and movement. Hopefully whatever turns out to be the issue for you will be just as treatable. Best of luck!

  • hello, my wife lost her sence of smell and taste. balance became an issue,. mood swings and violent outbursts even in public became the norm. appetite doubled and it wss nearly impossible to keep her appetite satisfied. initial diagnosis was pppd. some kind of vision disturbance. nneurologist suggested as last option to try ct scan and was very shocked by the results. turned out to be a meningioma on the frontal lobe. possibly growing for the last 5-10 years looking back it answers a lot of behaviour issues that seemed to be like regressing into childhood.