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Hi I was diagnosed with a brain tumor 4 months ago and found out about a month ago that it's cancer iv already had breast cancer twice before, 12 years ago then a year later and this has came a shock to find out that it's back again, now in the brain ,I'm really frightened this time as the doctors have said they can't operate because of where the tumor is ,I'm still waiting to see a specialist to discuss treatment. It's scary as i keep thinking I won't get through it this time . 

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Hi and a warm welcome to the online community

I'm afraid I can't exchange experiences of brain tumours and treatment with you, as I had a different type of cancer, but I do know how scary being diagnosed with cancer is.

Hopefully, once you know what your treatment plan is you'll feel a lot more comfortable. If you have any questions please start a new thread and hopefully there'll be people in this group who can answer.

Best wishes


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