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Apricot Kernels - How much is safe to consume?

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Hello - My husband was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Grade 4 in March last year. He had total resection followed by the Standard Stupp protocol (6 weeks of radiotherapy + chemotherapy and then 6 cycles of Temodal)

His MRI scan in Jan 19 has shown the tumour has grew back. He has had another surgery over a week ago. The surgeon was able to remove part of the tumour. His chemo will be changed to CCNU which he is expected to start in the coming week.

I am looking for advise. I am looking at supplements that he can add to the daily routine that will not negatively impact the CCNU.

I recently came across Apricot Kernels as a great addition to daily intake for cancer patients. It however comes with bad publicity as well, i.e risk of poisoning. Therefore my question is how much is enough for safe consumption on a daily basis.

Appreciate if someone here who takes apricot kernels help to provide guidance.

Thank you in advance.


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I gave my Mom, who had GBM over 15 a day for months with no side effects 

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My partner used to take around 6 a day with no apparent side effects. I upped that number to 8 when the tumour grew back. I used to put them in fruit smoothies as they taste awful.    I hope it works for your husband.

All the best x 

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Thank you. He is on 8 a day at the moment.

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My dad has just been diagnosed with the same 

he is 58 fit and healthy other than finding out about this Sunday suddenly Hoping you can give me any advice possible on anything to keep him going etc foods , methods any info you can share.

He has had the operation to remove tumor but is still a slither inside and due to begin chemo and radiotherapy within the next two weeks etc.

any experiences you could share etc I would be grateful for. Wishing you well with your steps for his treatment x 

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How did you incorporate them into the diet esp to disguise yucky taste ? 

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Also cut out all sugar. It may help read 

BOB the Blob blog 

by Dr Tanya Malpass. She gives lots of advice on everything as she HAS GBM  too. It's fun to read as she put in a bit of humour with the sensible stuff too.

Be careful with apricot kernels as different brands differ strengths.