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Grade 4 brain tumour

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my dad has been diagnosed grade 4 brain tumour. He had the operation to remove most of it. He has to have kemo and radiotherapy. I know this will make him ill/ tired. It’s intense for 6 weeks min-fri. We live 2 hrs from Addenbrookes so I’m worried about the travel and has suggested renting but 6 weeks is a long time.  I’m not sure how long this treatment will give him and what we have waiting round the corner. 

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Sorry to hear your news but My dad has just been diagnosed exactly the same waiting to start at the christie next week any advice you find please share I’ve been reading on here about these apricot kernels and any advice like that I can get I’m helpful for and will share back.

luckily I’m closer to where he lives etc but my sister is sorting renting nearby too as every day will count for any needs and runs to treatment centre. 

Move read up lots and it’s looking like we’re both in for a rough ride coming but can support and share ideas/findings  with each other  through this! 

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Hi Diasyrainbow1

Addenbrookes do have on site accommodation but the treatment takes just a few minutes so you would be bored just staying there needlessly but then again the travelling will make your dad very tired also on top of the fatigue he has. You could try staying at a bed and breakfast weekdays and come home weekends.