I have Meningioma

Hi, I am 62 years old female.recently I have been diagnosed with Meningioma.it's big size 4.1 cm in frontal lobe. I had symptom of tinnitus.my ent doctor suggest me to do a MRI and found out the tumour. Immediately I talked to neurosurgeon and they suggest surgery. I have diabetes and as I am old,I am really scared of surgery. I live in bangladesh. I consulted several neurosurgeon here but I am not feeling confident about anyone for my surgery.I am not very sure if I would feel ok after surgery or it will worse my condition.can anyone help me with their experience.

  • Hi  and welcome to the online community

    I can't share any experiences with you as I didn't have this type of cancer but I noticed that your post had gone unanswered. By replying it will push it back to the top of the page where it may be seen by someone with the experience you need.

    You mention that you live in Bangladesh and although everyone is welcome here the treatments might differ between countries. There is a group called living with cancer outside the UK which you could join to see if there are others from Bangladesh with meningioma who could share their experiences with you.

    If you think you might benefit from joining then click on the link I've created and then select 'Join This Group' on the page that opens.

    Wishing you all the best with your treatment.

  • Thanks for your reply