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Hi, this is a bit weird

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good afternoon folks.

Well I never imagined I’d be posting on a brain cancer group forum, but here we are. I got told I have a cancerous tumour on the 20th of December last year now. Yep, Happy Christmassssss

I’m waiting an MRI Scan in March then an Op at Addenbrooke’s in April, my tumour or Cyril as he is called has not only given me membership to Cancer Club, but also Epileptic Club too. So sadly I can’t work at the moment, which means money is a bit tight on SSP, but we are muddling through somehow and the folks on the MacMillan help lines have as I’m sure you’ve all discovered been incredibly helpful.

So this is just a quick hello, I’m trying to deal with all this madness with humour, so forgive me if my flipant remarks offend anyone their certainly not meant too, just laughing at this is making it a hell of a lot easier to deal with.

Anyway, have a great afternoon everyone.


It could be worse, Trump could be the US president, the UK could be going to hell in a hand basket and I could have brain cancer... Oh wait