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"Am I crazy?"

Kaf Stringer
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So my sister is currently having radiotherapy for a brain tumour and she said to me "that's if they even turn the machine on". When I pressed her for what she meant she said "I know this is crazy but I can't feel it and I can't see it".

Has anyone else receiving radiotherapy felt like this? 

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You cannot feel having an X-ray being taken either. Radiotherapy is X-rays(except proton beams) and until you actually burn inside or and/or outside. 

Kaf Stringer
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Good point, well made. She knows that they are obviously doing something it would just feel more real if she could feel something. Wondered if anyone else has felt the same.


I know what she means - you just lie there for a few minutes and job done. Has anything happened?

It's not much comfort - in fact not at all - but at least she will know that the they did turn the machine on some of her hair starts falling out .