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Brain tumour symptoms

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hey all,

I just want to know what the main symptoms are for a brain tumour?

my partner had gone through a brain tumour last year and had fully recovered thank god. Her symptoms was loss of speech.

but I’ve been having, which feels like head pressure, Not headacke pain, but like a pressure back of my neck, and around my temples and top of my nose. I do have moments of feeling dizzy also which comes and goes. I’ve had this feeeling for about 2 weeks now. I havnt been sick, but sometimes I do feel a bit sick but it passes.

could this be a symptom, or is this just my anxiety coming back?



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GET YOURSELF to your Dr or medical centre ASAP. Almost certainly stress, but why suffer all the anxiety.

I know nothing of symptons but my wife had what we called slurred speech (occassionallY - she sounded like her tongue was numb, like the dentists). She had a couple of small seizures, before it all came out.

Take care

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There is no way to exclude something sinister until you do a brain MRI. Of course what you described is most likely sinusitis, or a viral infection like the common cold, low blood pressure, maybe. One easily distinguishing factor is when the symptoms appear on one side of the body only, that might indicate a brain related issue. Best to go to a good GP and describe symptoms.