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Brain tumours

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brain tumor early diagnosis help

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a member of my family (close relative) was diagnosed last saturday (?unusual?) with brain tumor. We are told it is months to live...and not much else...

we are trying to work out when and how to give the best support ...my husband is in shock (he is usually very intelligent and perceptive but this morning he told me a brain tumor is not cancer?!?)...

the close relative is some hours drive away from where we live...

we are trying to work out how to make best plans to assist, like offering to drive relative to radio therapy...the relative lives 50 mins drive from hospital...

Also trying not to pry into medical situation...

Probably stupid desperate question but how common is it for someone with a brain tumor which is inoperable to be told they have months to live?and does months mean 2-3 ...4..6 or is this just a stupid question cos no one knows?

thanks for any help

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Hi sorry to here this

           My husband was diagnosed November 5th last year, with glioblastoma multiform stage 4 , they gave my husband 3 to 6 months, sadly my husband pasted away 9 months after his diagnosis , that was 3 months ago, try and get as much information as possible, because no one seems to tell you much about this nasty cancer. I found out most of the information my self as I care for my husband for the 9 months, he was only 49 year old, but we had some tough times and happy times, I hope this helps 


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no one can give a definite number of months.you are not prying into diagnosis or prognosis. offers of help are much appreciated.xxx