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Adult Medulloblastoma diagnosis

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I'm fine, thanks. Finally getting back into shape with the gym, which I've taught myself to enjoy... Sort of. 

Never feel you're pestering. It's always a real pleasure to reply and try to help. 

I still get dizziness and vertigo sometimes. I can't lie flat in yoga and tend to descend on my back slowly and use a cushion. I occasionally also feel dizzy upon waking and turning my head, but both symptoms are reducing. They were worse in the first two years and have radically improved this year, perhaps helped by giving up alcohol last August! I'm not sure why I get it occasionally. Like you, the vertigo was a primary symptom in the months leading up to diagnosis. My doctor is not entirely sure why it happens, but my scans remain clear. 

When it comes to chemo, the side effects depend on the sort you're taking, but I felt dizzy and ill throughout. 

Hope that helps and bestest of luck with the upcoming scan

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Thank you! I think I'm on the same chemo you may have done; cisplatin, ccnu and vincristine. I'm sorry you get it to, but it's also a relief to know it's not just me!

i wonder if it could be my ears also as i went a bit deaf after starting chemo and have had tinnitus since radiotherapy.  

So glad to hear you are doing well xxx

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I had some tinnitus, too, and it emerged my ears got very blocked with dry wax that I treated with olive oil. That was definitely the radiotherapy. 

Take good care xx