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News for the whole of the brain tumour community. Dame Tessa Jowell House of Lords address

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Hello Community

Many associated with the Brain tumour forum may have heard, or read reports of Baroness Jowell, the former Government Minister who helped deliver the 2012 London Olympics, addressing the House of Lords this week. Facing her own challenges with glioblastoma an aggressive brain tumour/brain cancer, diagnosed 8 months ago, she confronted that adversity with courage, strength and optimism in addressing the House of Lords. She found the energy and determination, despite difficulties with speech, to  press for improved research collaboration and to call for innovative treatments. She received a lengthy standing ovation. She said in her address:-

“ So many cancer patients collaborate and support each other every day. They create that community of love and determination wherever they find each other”

When she was diagnosed, she said to her family, gathered around her hospital bed “Whatever comes next, every day, is going to be about the love we have for each other, and whatever happens, it won’t define our lives”

The full address, when she pressed for action, can be found on ParliamentTV.  Search the website archive at for ‘Jowell’, on Thursday 25th January. A quick find method, together with other reports of it is by googling Jowell parliament tv

I am sure the whole community here will be most grateful for the focus that Dame Tessa has brought to the terrible illness with which we are all so familiar. Most newspapers and the TV news channels have carried the story. Her words absolutely reflect the support we give to each other here, every day, in facing our own immense challenges.

I am sure you will also join with me in sending our very best wishes to her and in sending thoughts of strength and to her family too, together with our gratitude and wholehearted support for pressing for more to be done for all of us affected. We can support her calls for action by repeating the need, wherever we can. I have already used this to press for more action on social media and to reach out to her. 

I feel certain that Macmillan will be, and certainly should be, considering how to respond to this momentous speech, as her call, while focussed on her own suffering and those of us challenged by brain tumours/brain cancer/glioblastoma, can affect and is intended to benefit, §absolutely all cancers and therefore all of our communities and the wider population seeking support .

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