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Experiences with PCV - grade 3 inoperable glioma

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Hi, my husband was diagnosed with a golf ball sized grade 2 asrocytoma about 8 years ago after having seizures. It was inoperable due to where it sits on his brain as it is deep and overlaps the temporal lobe and another area. He underwent pioneering radiotherapy 4 years ago when our daughter was just a few weeks old which caused it to greatly reduce in size. Further scans showed that it had continued to grow very slowly, so while specialists weren't particularly concerned, they obviously monitored it. 

About 12 months ago they became concerned as there appeared to be an area of new growth on the tumour that looked different and had a lot of blood flow. Following a biopsy, it has come back as cancerous and now a grade 3 glioma. The hospital are acting quickly and he begins PCV chemotherapy next week. 

This recent development has happened over quick, just 10 days from biopsy result to start of chemo. With a 4 year old and 6 month old, we have a busy house, and I'm wondering if any else has had experiences of PCV and it effects? How effective is it as a treatment? Does anyone have a young family to work round too? How do you keep germy children and patient from passing illness? Is there anything I need to do or have in place ready that will make life easier for us all? How did any of you parents explain what was happening to children? Our little girl is a proper daddies girl.

Sorry for all the questions. I don't know where else to go for advise and at the moment it's all rather scary and a lot of uncertainties.