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Brain tumours

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***** PLEASE ALL READ.... I'm so very sorry!*******

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Hello everyone this is such a difficult message to write, but do many of you lovely people have helped me though such difficult times as I've missed my beautiful little boy Joe who I lost two years ago Tuesday and supported me through the awful treatments my boyfriend has endured across in Amarica me so helpless here unable to help with his friend Sean telling me about the stroke he endured and all the painful treatments...... I honestly thank you so much for all your care especially as my family aren't very supportive I've been so alone.... The next bit is the hardest bit to write and I am so very very sorry I loved and supported this man with all my heart I had that wasn't broken losing my beautiful Joe..... 

My boyfriend has been lying he's lied about having a brain tumour the treatment he friend was really him and all the cruel things he's messaged me all lies and worse still I've found he has another partner I'm so very broken and feel so very numb, hurt and betrayed I want to rip my skin away and I feel so bad because it was all lies and I thought he loved me. I've been told it's not a crime to lie about having cancer if no money changes hands 5months I've lived on a knifes edge of fear and sadness   really am so very sorry and I don't know what else to say I went with a friend to ask him WHY?! He wouldn't even face me and his mum was so vile to me I feel so pathetic for believing is liesi thought he loved me I believed it all, I'm do stupid, but felt the least I owed all the lovely brave people on here was a explanation again thank you for being there I'm totally numb and broken. 

Claire xx

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There are some truly evil and manipulative people in this world and I am really sorry that this horrible pathetic loser chose you as the victim of his sick lies. I can only hope you will pull through and be stronger for what you have been put through.

Best wishes


“Scars are tattoos with better stories.” – Anonymous

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Hi Claire,

At least you are spared the agony of watching someone you love die, all over again. Now you can feel angry and rage a bit and get it out of your system. Someone as kind and loving as you deserves to be loved a great deal in return and you WILL find someone soon who is worthy of you. Consign that stupid nasty cruel man to the dustbin of experience and move on

Good luck


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Again I'm so sorry and so very hurt he is ill with the vasculitis and on chemo jabs but the lies in detail about brain tumour treatments is just so nasty and knowing he has another women is all just so very cruel. 

I feel so very hurt 

All my love to you all xxx

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I'm so sorry Claire for this cruel double betrayal.

What comes around goes around and he will get his just deserts in time. By then you will be recovering and in a much better place. Look on it that you have dodged a bullet and can move on without this selfish, narcissistic Individual In your life. Concentrate on your grief for your young son and your freedom now to choose your future. All the very best in your eventual choices. May your life be wonderful. 

Regards Jan