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Grade 2 oligodendroglioma/ chloripramine

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Just read article in "Independent" upon cricketer Alan Igglesden. G2 oligodendroglioma seven years ago, but was treated with chloripramine at behest of a cricket-lover, Prof Pilkington at Portsmouth Uni. AI still has tumour but is back at work, as it has continued to shrink. This drug originally used as tricyclic antidepressant and 40 years old, so out of patent. Prof P says ergo no drugs companies will finance tests, as the drug is "as cheap as aspirin" and there is not enough money to be made from it. Makes you wonder, doesn't it? The article stressed that there are four distinct types of brain tumours, and I presume only gliomas (or even this specific) might be helped. Independent on Sunday, online, 6/4/2008. xx Penny
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Penny -

What a lovely way to start a grey Monday morning here in Toulouse - your kind and open email. Thank you so much. Just one message and I feel part of a group already!

I read your message about the article on the website, and we have a meeting with my husband's medical team this afternoon followed an MRI had last last Thursday, so I will definitely bring this up.

Thank you so much. Please keep in touch.

I am going to really enjoy these messages and forums - I can tell I will be able to get so many answers I have been looking for.

Best wishes!
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Anything else I spot, I'll pass it on. I'm keeping my fingers crossed now (no wonder my typig's - QED - typing's so bad!) for your husband's meeting with his consultant. Bon chance. xxxx Penny