14 month old possible brain tumor

 Hi my little boy is 14 months just at 7 months we noticed he had a slight squint from then to now it has turned completely in And we hAve seen a specialist and they've said that he has very poor vision in that eye but we are a awaiting a MRI because they are worried it could be something causing this, as it's turned so Quickly also he's sleep for up to 19 hours a day, also he doesn't really enjoy dad to day things... I'm so worried that's a brain tumor as the consultant said one of the things we need to rule out! 

Has anyone else been through this? 

Thanks x

  • Gosh you must be worried out of your mind. I would like to tell you not to worry but that will be a waste of time. Try to take each day at a time. There could be many things causing this to happen and the doctors have to eliminate them one by one. The mri scan will help them to identify what is going on. It is hard not to think the worst. And with todays technology there is lots that can be done. Sending loves and hugs.