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GBM grade 4....does anyone survive this?

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Hi i'm new to this site and really wish i didnt have to join :(

My sister who is 52 was diagnosed with a GBM grade 4, she had the tumour removed and is almost at the end of the 6 week radio/chemo which will be followed by the 6 month chemo.  The operation to remove the tumour was very successful and the surgeon (who we refer to as "god" because basically thats what he is, no infact he's better than god!) managed to remove approx 99.5% of it.  Which is amazing and we feel very lucky that hers was operable, I know so many of them arent.

She has done amazingly well since the operation and was home less than a week after it, she has had no side effects from the radio/chemo but is starting to feel tired now shes coming to the end of the course.  Her positive attitude is infectious and we are so so proud of how she's dealing with it. You really would have no idea she was so ill to look at her, she really doesnt look any different and is fighting this with her lovely smile on her face at all times.

Because of her positive attitude i've never felt the need to google it, kind of felt ignorance was bliss but i'm now feeling i need to know the full facts so googled it today and now i'm left thinking that basically this thing is a death sentence, i spent hours and could not find one really positive story where the person is still here 20 years later.

Does anyone survive this?  I'm a strong person and would rather know the facts so i can be prepared but i dont want to ask my sister incase i knock her positive attitude.

Thank you for taking the time to read this xx

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I am so sorry to hear about your sister. I know from experience how devastating the news is and the prognosis always sounds dreadful. Sadly in many cases it is. However, my husband is still alive 5 years after his diagnosis (surgery, then radio/chemo and then 6 months more chemo like your sister). He is physically quite frail and needs full time care at home, but is totally 'with it' , has a great sense of humour and we can't believe how precious each day is. He too has remained incredibly positive all through this.

So you never can tell. Just assume she will be with you for years to come but make each day count!  


Roger Dodger
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Hello There,

Sorry about your sister......hope all goes well with her treatment

My wife is 46 she has a GBM grade for diagnosed Nov 28th 2011 - Inoperable

Visit Hope for Laura....amazing story & also visit Glioblastoma survivors

Life without cancer is a good site too

What hospital was your sister at? and who is the surgeon

Best Regards