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Dying my hair...?

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Hi everyone. I got diagnosed about 4 weeks ago after some very sudden seizures, with a grade 2/3 (still waiting on results) glioma. I've had surgery around 2 weeks ago and they managed to get around 80% of it, which is great! So I'm just waiting on the results and the "what happens next", I guess. And I feel like this is a ridiculous question to be asking because there are so many important things I should be concerned about. But I was due to dye my hair before this all happened. And I know it's daft but I feel so scruffy. It was awful enough not washing my hair for 2 weeks after the surgery. But I feel ridiculous asking my surgeon this question because it's so vain! But really, how long should I be waiting before I dye my hair? Are there any specific dyes I should use?

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welcome to the online community

it's not vain at all

I still struggle to get people to recognise me nearly 18 months post chemo, our hair is how people recognise us.

I'm not an expert so you will have to wait for someone who knows to pop over but in the meantime you could check the breast group, I'll have a look too.

If the consensus is that dying it with chemicals is a no no, then there are brush on product now.

It was the Charles Worthington product I'd seen but this article compares some of them.

Have you looked for a Look Good Feel Better Course ?

good luck with the results and what happens next etc

look out for an update from the breast group ...



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I would say don't dye it as the radiotherapy burns your scalp x

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Hi ,

I'm sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. It's not silly wanting to feel happy with your appearance, or just feeling like yourself again.

I responded to someone else today who was asking about hair dyes, so you might find this helpful to look at should I dye my hair?

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Hi, I personally would hang fire on this one, until you get your results and find out what the next step in the treatment will be. if it is going to be radiotherapy i would advise you not too, as you will get some hair and scalp damage. I am successfully on the other side of this now, and i am going to yearly scans for five years, mine was also a grade 3 glioma that they got most of,It was followed up by radio/chemo and I suffered hair loss, it is now back( getting regular trims help), then i decided to get it coloured as a treat, I wandered all over the town going into every hairdresser, asking about chemo treated hair and could it be dyed etc etc.I found one lovely hairdresser (male and quite tasty lol) who took time to talk to me show me a range of chemical free colours, he was also trained to deal with ''chemo hair'', so I went ahead with having it done, it looks great, had foils in 3 colours that cleverly blended in the little bits still to grow back and he only charged me £40 !!

I suppose the point I am trying to make is do your research, ,and remember the light at the end of the tunnel isn't always an oncoming train!

good luck


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Thanks everyone! I guess it's just a case of holding on. Still waiting on results which is a pain! Been 4 weeks now but we'll get there in the end I guess. I'll feel a lot better once I know what the hell is happening!