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Mixed Grade 3/4 story of hope.

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Read my bio for more details, but, thought I'd share the bit of hope I spent many hours trawling the Internet for two years ago.

 Scan results today have confirmed that I have no tumour activity, everything is settled and even my (usually stern) consultant couldn't conceal his happiness today at telling me I can now move on to six monthly scans, which seemed to be a distant dream this time last year as I was barely able to move from the after effects of temozolomide and intensive radiotherapy treatment. I never thought I'd be able to write a post like this. 

I hope this helps just one person sometime x Please message me if you want more details or support. 

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Hi StraustheShrimp,

Thank you for sharing that news, it gives a sense of hope and possibilities to those just starting out on treatment or in the midst of it.

Long may your good results continue!


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Thank you for posting, it does indeed give hope. My DD age 22 started radio today for a grade 4 astrocytoma gbm4. She had only one symptom pre diagnosis- a slight hearing problem. We pray that she will continue to be strong through the treatment.

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Hi I was diagnosed with a front right AA grade 3/4 in Nov 2013. I had 2 x surgery followed by standard chemo/radio. Since I finished treatment around June 2014 I have had clear scans with no sign of disease. I found some interesting information about the IDH1 mutation combined with over 90% removal of the tumour showing very good results over a long period. I hope I fall into that category. To everyone reading this, don't give up, I nearly did but I'm so glad I kept going!!


Just want to say "Congratulations". Everytime we hear good news it always helps.