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Hi everyone. I was diagnosed last year with 6 meningiomas. The neurologist hasn't offered me treatment of any sort and I feel lost and in the dark about it all. Has anyone else experienced this. Thankyou. Kat1987

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I was diagnosed with one in November and had it removed within a couple of weeks.  In my case there was no other choice as it was on my brain stem and shutting down my physical functions.  Your treatment is liable to be dependent upon the impact the tumours are having on you.  If they are just there then this may be appropriate.  If they are effecting you (I had difficulty swallowing and could have stopped breathing at any time) then I would have expected some attention.  Best thing would probably be to contact one of the McMillan Helplines to discuss your situation as everyone is different.  As scary as it might sound, nothing might be the best approach for you.  I am having no treatment as most of mine has gone and it is slow growing.  I get an annual scan now and I am happy with that.