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Hi folks my husband has to have six weeks radiotherapy very soon he has had three meniginioas removed from his brain we are both back at work and now wondering how we are gong to cope gir next two months my work has said no paid compasiante leave unless he passes away any suggestions 

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If you’re struggling and need to be with him, there isn’t a doctor in the land that wouldn’t sign you off sick. It may open up another can of work a for you, but if I had my time over again, I would have done it. 

Sorry you have to deal with this, there’s enough worries without work becoming one too xx

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Hi, when my husband had 6 weeks of daily radiotherapy my employer was understanding enough to allow me to leave early every day. We were lucky that the daily appointment was at 4.30pm

so I left at 3.30pm every day to pick up my husband and drive to the hospital. Fortunately we live 10 mins drive from my workplace and hospital a 20 mins drive. I worked through my lunch hour to make up some of the time. Now we are further down the line and I have taken time off unpaid in order to care for my husband. 

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Thanks people yeah I guess I will know more tomorrow when I talk to my manager I do 25 hours a week and every other weekend neither of us currently drive, well I have stopped learning for now the hospital is an hour away we are hoping for patient transport so once again thanks folks 

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I hot signed off sick for approximately 4 months, in that time I found myself a little part time job in our local Tesco, they have been amazing with allowing time offf for appointments

It is less money but it is also the best thing I ever did, we go away a lot and have day trips out, just making every day count, especially now there has been new growth with my husband's tumour

Look into benefits   It's not a fortune but it may help


Sending hugs

Dawn x