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Grade 4 Patient - the up's and downs.

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Hi All

My uncle has been 1.5 years with Grade 4 tumour.  Over Easter he went for 2nd surgery.  It went well, but then around 2 weeks ago, things got worse.  Tumour was groing back 7 weeks after surgery.  It was decided no more treatment.

Last Saturday we were at home and he was unstable on feed, but eating and taking to nurse who came.  Sat night he went to bed, and basicaly was in bed from Sat night through to Wed night, only eating very very small amount, on pain killers and very confused and saying he just wants to sleep, stop the noise, give me stuff to knock me out etc.

I felt this was it, and we were coming to the end.

Then last night, he got up and came back down stairs again with nurse, she was able to feed him and he watched some TV

A really big change.  Seems like some sort of bounce back.

Has anyone else experienced this.  It is so hard to know what is going on, or what will happen.

We just hope he does not suffer and can enjoy some time with us.

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My husband had good period and bad periods. At one point he was sent to hospice, only to return home a month later where he stayed for 6 weeks. The body is going through so much, plus the meds and everybody is different. I do hope your uncle continues in an improving direction. Good luck to you all. Cathy