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So Hubby thinks i am in denial that my precious Dad is dieing. Work have sent me home to 'be with my Dad'. Truth be told no one knows how long my Dad has got. My problem seems to be not knowing the timeline. Dad moved in with us 2 months ago and dont get me wrong its hard but i am privilidged he wants to spend the rest of his time here, and what i didnt realise is he wants to die here too. So my question is how do you guys cope with not knowing when the person you love so much will leave. I am "lucky" i had bad cancer 20 plus years ago which i faught and my Dad was my 100% rock and we are so close because of that, more than usual Daddy Daughters. So what do i do now.. any ideas? Anyone???


Hi Nicole,

Sorry that we have been slow in response to your post. I have not been in your position so difficult to comment directly. Does your dad have a Macmillan nurse? You can get in touch with Macmillan by phone and they can help. It sounds like maybe a good chat with somebodyelse could help. There may be other people in your area who are in the same situation. You might be able to get together and there may be a group.

Just a couple of ideas - free to ignore them!

Take care,

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Thanks for suggestions R, gratefully received.

And yes he does have one so will talk to her.

Again thanks


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Sorry to hear about your Dad. 

I spoke to my family about where I wanted to be at the end and told them not at home. I would rather be in the hospice as it would bring bad memories to the family if I died in the family home. 

Not sure if this will help your circumstances but maybe have a word with your nurse and they maybe able to speak to him