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Please help x

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Hi Claire I've read your post and it was like you were describing my partner he also is in his 40 s we've been together for 25 years and last January he was diagnosed with a brain tumour after a seizure. The last 16 months have been the worst in my life he has changed from this strong man into someone who cries, gets angry over stupid things and if he's had a day of partial seizures he's bed ridden for days it's heartbreaking. In a recent scan the tumour has got bigger and we're now awaiting a surgery date to remove. I have a son also who is 7 and a 17 year old daughter it has effected them so much . I cannot even begin to understand your grief in regards to your son but if you ever need to chat I will gladly listen as no one really understands your state of mind in this situation other than people who are going through it too . My thoughts are with you and your partner. Selinaxxxx