Too scared to know what to ask

good morning

I have been diagnosed with ulcerated  caecal cancer recently after becoming extremely anaemic

Surgery was proposed but anaethetist says  I am not fit for surgery. Due to heart and lung problems risk of serious post op complications is too high

My surgeon  has referred me for a second opinion as to my fitness for surgery but  now I am frightened  to even think of surgery

Anyone else been in this dilemma as no surgery of course affects the prognosis

Many thanks

  • Hi 

    Sorry yo hear you are dealing with additional stress . It is not uncommon for an anaesthetist to raise concerns or seek additional information from other specialists like cardiologists , before proceeding or not to surgery . In fact it would only be good practice in the circumstances. Surgeons are inclined to work with dedicated anaesthetists and if it was not one they are normally working with they may seek another opinion . A more experienced anaesthetist may have a different clinical view point . As you can see there are so many variables however it’s good they are getting a fuller picture for you to also form your on attitude to risk . You also might like to hear how an oncologist would manage your situation to control the disease if surgery were not possible .

    Taking the time to get a full understanding of your situation and also so you can know what you are most comfortable with . Are you going to get the opportunity to chat your concerns through with them too? 
    I can totally understand why this is fear inducing but a lot of that can be reduced by good information to give you some clarity. 

    Take care ,


  • Many thanks

    The new surgeon says you would not refuse surgery on one heart and lung test, especially when the patient  is anaemic

     i am to see lung  specialist to assess my fitness for surgery and the operation will go ahead if they get the OK

    It was pointed out that having surgeey now is better than waiting for ne to go into obstruction when it will mean emergency surgery

    I am Scared but the tbe surgeon inspired confidence

  • Hi ,

    That sounds much more reasonable. I am sure they will get something sorted for you 

    It is never straightforward but one way or another they will make progress for you . 

    You sound reassured !

    take care ,