Work matters

i was diagnosed with bowel cancer November 21st 2017 got through all my treatment and operation and now living with a stoma I cope really well with it had some bad days but u do the trouble has started when I've gone back to work its started when the business moved building they had a disabled toilet near by but they use it for everything so they gave me a key to use up stairs I work in a warehouse and when I need the toilet to sort my bag out I have to walk a long way just to empty my bag instead of sorting the toilet near to me out and my locker is down stairs I had a few leaks because of where the toilet is and people use stair at me knowing I shouldn't be upstairs the stress of it all stopped me from eating normal and I got hurt my tote boxes on a converbelt by someone pushing them hard at me which nearly damaged my stoma but my hand save it so now I've been off work a few months with stress and doctors put me on pills now and getting counciling work has stopped paying me and I don't wanna go back there it's been horrible I don't know what to do I've never claim before and don't know where to start

  • So sorry you got put through such a horrible experience. With a little thought that could be avoided .

    You might like to give our helpline staff a call as they are more aware of  benefits and work related matters and could offer you some guidance . 0808 808 0000.

    Once again it’s really sad to see they did not offer more support and assistance to you. Glad you have had some support from other people .

    Take care ,