Hi everyone. Newbie.

I have just been referred for an urgent colonoscopy. I am 52. Symptoms include toilet trouble, constant gurgling stomach. Cramps. Burping. Indigestion. Been going on for 5 weeks or so pretty much non stop. The question I have, and there is not a lot I can do until the examination, is, two weeks ago I had bloods done and all normal. With regards to colon cancer how does that rank on the relevant scale. Totally irrelevant to, if there is something there then bloods normal at this stage is usually a good sign that even I have a cancer it should not be aggressive at this stage. Or put it another way as that may be asking a question that is more medical advice. Do blood tests mean very little at this stage and plenty of people have been here over the years saying bloods normal but still had x y z.

thanks guys  Steve!!

hope you are all ok  

  • Hi Steve , 

    Firstly I sincerely hope it is something else causing your issues and you would be surprised how many people pass through here with a variety of symptoms that end up not being cancer .

    The honest truth a colonoscopy or scan is the only certainty in these circumstances. However saying that it is very good news your bloods are fine and although favourable it’s not as certain as the other investigations . They will only comment on hard evidence from scans or investigations . They are kind of like that in medicine from what I can gather . 

    Hope it all goes well for you , 


  • Thanks for the kind reply court. Yes, as my job is all based around probabilities and having done a bit of research, it’s natural for my brain to start crunching numbers! I know bowel cancer (if that’s what I have and the doctor made me pretty (very) nervous has a reasonable chance of a good prognosis, if spread perhaps less so but still lots of hope. I am thinking if bloods ok less chance of spread. It’s all conjecture anyway. I was just trying to gauge what blood tests really mean as lots of wait (2 weeks) for the endoscopy. Who knows. It’s probably unfair to be here when I have no confirmed diagnosis but I promise to be back if I do. Everyone seems lovely here reading the posts. Thank you.