Three weeks post operation

Hi, I've been looking at this forum for a few days and found it very helpful. I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in June following a delay in my two week referral from March due to Covid. Thankfully I had my a bowel resection in August, however a complication from the keyhole surgery led to a hernia which was repaired by a second operation on 22 August. The cancer was all removed during the first operation and I am grateful to still have check ups for the next five years. 

It's now three weeks since my second operation but I still have a numbness at times around the second wound and a slight pulling sensation at times. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm probably just worrying unnecessarily but any slight niggle makes me worry about a second hernia. 

Thank you

  • Hi I had a resection back in march and am still iexperiencing a pulling sensation on my right side I think this is just normal muscle which is pulling and nothing to worry about I keep joking that they have pulled my muscle to tight and given me a tummy tuck I just had my first scan which is clear so I'm sure now this sensation is nothing to worry about and will be the same for you 

  • Thank you, that makes sense about the muscle pulling. Great news that your scan was clear. I think with it still being early days I'm noticing any different pain more than I would normally!! 

  • Hi DJ49

    I think we all do worry about any little ache or pain it's hard but I suppose it's natural but we have to stay positive 

    Take care now and many regards