Update from starting chemo.

Hi all,

i recently started chemo on the 19th of August I am currently having oxailplatin/cape after my first infusion my body went into shock and I had to stay in hospital for many hours later until the reaction passed! For the next 5 days I was ok taking the chemo tablets but started to have the worst pain across my back and left side and realised I hadn’t had any bowel movements for a week! In the end after speaking to my gp and staff at the chemo unit I was admitted into hospital. My bowel was inflamed and infected after after 4 days of antibiotics and being very ill the doctor said a stoma  would be the best option for me. I didn’t really have time to think I just wanted to not be in pain and re-start my chemo. So on the 28th of August I had the op and recovered well it’s a lot to get my head round but I am adjusting and coping and just thinking if it gets me back in treatment then it’s worth it! So on the 9th I was back at Wrexham having my second infusion this was done slower this time with plenty of pre meds to stop any reactions, so far so good and feel different this time a bit tired but managed to potter about the house and had a little walk too around my local park. Hoping I stay well this time and complete the cycle without any problems I have a few more to go before scans are arranged in November. The hardest part was not having any visitors while in hospital for a week although my bed was by the window which was at the front of the hospital my 4 kids were able to see me and chat on the phone! Very strange times indeed! 


    1. Hi I had the same treatment and ended up in hospital for 3 weeks with sepsis but my dosage was reduced and now given over 5 hrs with a 48 HR infusion at home I am now on my 5 th cycle with a few blips in between but doing ok so I'm sure youl be fine I to  had a lovely sea view from my bed which helped with having no visitors due to covid best wishes with your recovery
  • Hi 

    So glad to hear you are safely through all that . What a time of it you have had for sure . Life just now is so strange but great your kids were at least able to see you , that must have given them some reassurance. You sound as though you have made an amazing recovery though . Fantastic that you have managed a walk in . 

    The slower infusion makes for such a long day but as you said it keeps you getting the treatment and it certainly worked for my mum .

    Send all my love to your family and keep in touch . Always good to hear your updates .

    take care and stay strong ,


  • Hi 

    So glad to hear you are making progress too! 

    Glad you had sea view , can’t be many hospitals can claim that ! How many cycles have you to go?

    take care,


  • Hi Katymatey

    Thanks for your reply glad to hear you are doing well on your 5th cycle it’s so reassuring to hear other peoples journeys. And my infusion is given over about 5 hours instead of 3 now, it’s a long day but I try to read or just chill in the chair. Best wishes to you on your recovery! 


  • Hi Court 

    Thanks for your reply I knew I would hear from you! Yes it has been quite a journey so far I surprised myself how quickly I recovered after my stoma op think I was just desperate to get home to some sort of normality. The kids are back at school and college so I get to potter about in a quiet house! I am glad they are having a routine again in their lives! I don’t really go out much lately but will try and have little walks while the weather is nice. Hope your mum is keeping well. Take care. 

    Christine xx

  • Hi court still 6 more cycles as I keep having gaps in between due to low platelets and now low white cells but staying positive well trying to anyway Grinningyou take care to 

  • Oh yes and treatment is in Swansea hense the Seaview Sunglasses

  • She is keeping well but back to not going out too much either . She had gotten used to it . Thanks for your good wishes . 
    I turn up like a bad penny !!! Particularly at night when I sit down for a bit !Grinning.

    I think you have been quite remarkable. 
    I was just saying to my sister how much I think the young people need the structure now ! Peace and quite sounds lovely x 

  • Platelets are so tricky . My mum’s stayed low after her liver resection for a full ten years . Suddenly last year up the popped . 
    Hope all your bloods behave and you get to work your way through this quickly .

    take care ,