September Catch up Thread !

Getting organised early here but starting up a catch up thread . Keep us connected .


  • Glad everything went ok at the hospital for  and . Good news Gemmary . Glad it was not something to worry about . Phew !

    Hope you are having a good weekend .

    Had a lovely walk and the rain stayed off . I will load some photos of my walking companions . 

    Got loads done today ! Always a good feeling . 
    Not sure about others areas but find myself mentally preparing for a very different winter!!

    take care ,


  • Evening all. Still awaiting the ECG, but got an ultrasound coming up. It was to have been next wed, but heard tonight after school, that daughters part 2 op is on the 9th. So they managed to move the appointment to this wed, bless their cotton socks, once I explained the predicament. So from Friday we are back in isolation. Will have to ring school tomorrow, hopefully that will be ok. 

    A week ago I was in A+E as my breathing had got really bad, and gp suggested to go. Well it was a waste of time. Nothing done, not sure they believed me! Happened again on Saturday, not as bad. I really want to get better, at the moment I felt better last year whilst on chemo!!!!

    But the weather has been great, long may it continue.

    I found this the other day, and could really relate to it. I'm guessing a lot of you will too.

    Stay safe all.

  • , love the image . I have several days when I think like that . Ha .

    Hope everything goes well tomorrow and I will be thinking of your daughters up coming treatment .

    Hope you have lots of crafts ready for your isolation period !! 

    I think the whole media speculation made me think some drastic news regarding Covid was coming today . We were already in restrictions so the only additional is pubs closed at ten ! So for me not too many changes . Got blister packs arranged for my parents to make prescriptions smoother for winter . I am getting organised. However completely knocked my back out ! Not sure if it was impending stress of today’s announcement  . 

    So uni from the bedrooms has started . Was a bit taken aback when I got an hours notice for lunch break . Mmm looking for full board . 

    So how is everyone getting on ? Hope your all staying safe but squeezing in some fun !

    Take care ,


  • Hi  just wanted to pop over and say the goat poster made me spit my tea out with laughing, and I love love love the dog pic on your profile xx

    Virtual hugs! 

  • great, that's why I posted it!! as long as the keyboard survived....

    Well, back into isolation from tomorrow afternoon, for daughters op, after a rescheduled work day. Not sure yet if they are going to allow me to work from home, or if I will have to make up the days. Plenty of crafts available, and plenty of sorting out to do, so I will be kept busy. I wonder if we all will be back shielding before too long......

    Not sure what happened but I started the Macmillian survey and that vanished....

    Stay safe all. 

  • Well, it was Race for Life day today, and I did it!! 

    It was a pleasant walk with daughter and dog, bright, sunny, bit chilly,  but the 5km took a horrendous 1hr40. But I didn't get too out of breath, and coped well. So far I have raised £110,hopefully it might rise a smiggen as I remind people I've done it. So on balance I'm happy.

    Now to find the next challenge.

    Take care all

  • Fantastic effort That’s amazing given you have not been feeling too well . Something to be proud of for sure .
    Your weather looks inviting too! Hanging off the edge of Scotland here in the wind . Bit of Dougal Macshougal experience in the caravan this weekend with hardly any WiFi . 

     some large waves too!

    Hope everyone is having a nice weekend . 


  •  Here is our own  leading the newsletter from Macmillan and being the voice of encouragement. 

  • ::Facepalm:: I... I.... Honestly, I feel blown away that they would think something I said was so valuable. After the way Macmillan helped me through the dark times, I am glad I was able to express that this way!

  • Well hello everyone, it seem like I can get back on the site much easier now, I too have just seen the Goat picture, it did make me chuckle and I can so relate to it.

    its nice to be able to connect again with others, good luck to everyone whatever stage your at, especially with latest group of lockdowns, my area currently in local lockdown.

    its our grandsons birthday today, we missed seeing him last birthday as OH had a pet scan and advice was to stay away from children, this year my daughter invited us for afternoon tea, just six of us and not all the family as would be our normal, but that too was abandoned as new rules means we can’t meet in their house or an early morning game of ten pin bowling meant we at least saw him, well part of him .....mask covering most of the face...changing times but keeping safe most important.

    hopefully can keep in touch better now....have a lovely sunny September Sunday xxx