September Catch up Thread !

Getting organised early here but starting up a catch up thread . Keep us connected .


  • This is probably a good a place as any to wave at everyone, and say I'm still fighting! A colonoscopy last week revealed that I am growing polyps. They've been removed and sent for analysis, but I am still waiting on the histology report. Obviously, polyps could be entirely benign, but growing as they were so close to the site of the original cancer, it is making me very nervous.

    It will be two years since my original diagnosis on September 8th. I'm counting that I am still here, still fighting, and still determined to beat this as a very big win!


  • Big wave back from me to you . Always good to see you drop by .

    I can understand your concern about the polyps . Whilst these checks do keep us all healthy they don’t have cause a spike in anxiety. Hopefully all removed and come back with good news .

    How have you managed over lockdown ? Are you settled still in your new accommodation?

    Take care and great to catch up .


  • Thanks, Court! Always good to speak with you too!

    I am mostly well settled. There are several things I need to get, but cannot yet do so. I won't buy things like rugs and curtains and so forth without seeing them first, so that has prevented me from really finishing settling in. But I have a lot of new furniture, as thankfully most places were happy to deliver. I am certainly more comfortable now than I have been anywhere else!

    Lockdown has been hard. Being on complete isolation from March, with nobody else here, was difficult at first, and became increasingly unbearable. From March to August, the only person I saw was the lady who drops off my medication once a month, and even then, she remained in the street. I've been going stir crazy! The internet helped a lot, thankfully, as without it I would have been totally out of touch with the world.

    My partner was able to finally come and join me in a hotal for a couple of days when I went from the colonoscopy. It was not much fun, given I spent most of the time drinking bowel prep, but even a little time together raised my spirits a great deal. Still, I am not expecting to be able to get out and about much for many weeks yet.

    So I shall sit and wait for news from the hospital about the polyps, and try to keep a positive mood!



  • Hi  ,  and others I can't quite remember the proper name of! It seems that the change in site has taken away the stuffing of the whole site let alone this group. People are perhaps taking a break, but hopefully that is because they want to, rather than can't get on. The banter and humour has gone, and those of us who had relied on the group for some sanity and an impartial ear are left somewhat bereft.

    I wonder what can be done? Anyway, I wish all a happy bank holiday Monday tomorrow, and may the crowds be few.

    Stay safe out there!

    This amused me, hopefully it does you!


  • I am that goat. All. The. Time!!!


    The site changes caught me off guard, too. Hopefully we can rebuild here. I'll help. I'll even bring my own trowel!


  • We will regroup . You can be sure of that !

  • I really hope so!

    They look good , where's mine!?

  • Squeezing in the last of garden entertainment before the weather changes . 

    What I love about baking is being able to bury any mistakes . Half that cake went into the bin as I used the wrong butter . Big dip occurred. Don’t normally get that . I never used to bake a thing but became quite addicted to The Great British Bake Off , at one point in time .

    Also been making masks with my wee niece for school ! 

    Hope your all out having fun !


  • I have to say reading your lockdown account really hit home to me the true cost of isolation during the pandemic. You are incredibly strong to endure that .

    Glad your home is coming together . Think there is going to be a lot of rebuilding and digging deep but we can do this little by little .

    Take care ,