Stage 4 bowel cancer- liver surgery

Hi everyone, hope you're all keeping well. 

My husband has stage 4 bowel cancer that has spread to his liver. He had emergency surgery to remove the bowel cancer about 8 weeks ago which came back with clear margins, but it had spread to his liver at the time of diagnosis. He has 6 tumours in the right side, and his recent mri came back showing 2 small tumours in the left side of the liver. The plan was always to remove the affected part of the liver and work towards curing him, the oncologist says this is still the plan but the surgery may just have to be more creative.

Has anyone been through liver surgery with tumours on both sides?


  • Hello again Lornaliz. Before surgery, had six doses of FOLFOX. And another six afterwards. A year after surgery, feel a lot better but at 64, it’s taking longer to regain my strength than might be expected for your husband. Scans every 3 months essential to catch any recurrence and zap it before it can spread. Every blessing to you both.  Your support on this long journey with its ups and downs will be so very important. Please make sure you have your own supporters as well.  Wx. 

    Every blessing
  • Hi again, 

    Great to hear that you're returning to your normal self, you've been through an awful lot and I think it would take anyone a while to recover regardless of their age. It sounds as though your team have been really proactive and glad to hear you're getting 3 monthly scans.

    My husband is having 4 rounds of CAPOX which is very similar to FOLFOX as far as I know, so we're hopeful that it does its job. He's currently completed round 1, round 2 starts on Friday.

    My family and friends have been massively supportive, we have two little girls 3 years old and 9 months old so they've kept us very busy too.


  • Hi, I’ve had lots of treatment on my liver. A resection last year after chemo and internal radiation. I have another non operable tumour in my liver which will be treated with more (SIRT) internal radiation. 
    I think the surgeons will look at all possibilities but if your husband is anything like me, a combination of chemo, radiation and surgery may be required. 
    wishing you the best outcome.

  • Hi all, my brother had emergency surgery for bowel cancer Nov 2018 ; aged 59.  The surgery was successful in that it removed the bowel cancer, unfortunately it had metastasised to his liver. After an MRI scan it showed 21 spots on his liver. After 14 bouts of chemo he was told although the tumours had reduced  significantly his liver was inoperable.

    We sought a second opinion from Professor Lodge in Leeds, He Said that it was a tricky case but operable. 6 out of 8 lobes were to be removed.

    My brother had the op in Nov 2019 - he was quite ill afterwards but the operation was a success. He was given the all clear at the end Jan 20, with the proviso of one rogue lymph node they could no longer locate on a CT Scan. This was to be sought out and removed when he had his stoma reversed.

    Alas my brother was the very unlucky one - in that the rogue lymph node spread to his kidneys and bones.......he died on 28th April 20 from kidney failure.....his liver was cancer clear.

    He fought a huge battle against cancer and sadly for him-and his family he lost. He was a very brave man, who fought to the end.

    He never gave up. 

    If my brother was here today he would say to you all fighting stage 4 bowel cancer - fight it to the end, you may be one of the lucky ones who beats this. I know he would pray for you all in this battle.

    Good luck to you all xxxxxxx