How are we all doing ?

Just checking to see if we are all finding our way around the site . 
I have been through a few platform changes over the years here and it always takes me time to adjust .

Hope you are all ok and keeping well .


  • That is so good to hear . We are making progress and it is good to have you around . Hope your husband is doing ok and you are both keeping safe . Seems the numbers are arising ! Yikes Grimacing.


  • Hello again Court. And everyone. I always look forward to your newsy posts! I'm on two other groups as well, but this one helped me through my bowel cancer and the 5 years until my lovely nurse gave me a 'survivor' badge. And a hug. As far as the new site is concerned, I still can't access the replies or add to them using my ipad, but this elderly laptop is ok. I am told each time that I haven't joined any group yet so I just re-join one using my new password and the other two I'm in show up as well. But that's ok. CV here resurfaced and there are now over 100 active cases. A lot of them were traced to a Church group, some of whom reject the Science etc. There was also a protest group yesterday reportedly a thousand or more, walking up the main street together and many not wearing masks. They were protesting about the L 2 1/2 restrictions in their city. A long way from where I live. I'm now building up my anxiety about my next blood test for Prostate Cancer. It was due about 10 days ago but I put it off. Silly really, it would be all over by now of course. Maybe on Tuesday. There is no reason why it should be a worrying result but as you know, my bowel cancer gave me a major fright. But to anyone reading this far, I got through it. Emergency surgery etc. Sorry to ramble on, it's Sunday morning and I'm keeping busy, but might just take 1/2 a Lorazepam to keep me quiet. Best wishes to all. Keep safe!

  • Hi  I often think back to a time when scans and tumour markers were not a part of our vocabulary. Yet on another level they have really been life saver . Just wish they did not bring their old friend anxiety with it !!

    However I really think you will be in a good position.

    Our numbers have accelerated over the last two weeks but more so the last week . I have decided to try and be creative of what I can do as opposed to what I can’t do. It’s my way of coping with restrictions. 

    Hope you are still having a good quality of life .


  • I couldn't wait so I had the test on Monday and it was a good result! Saved myself a few days of anxiety. 

  • Hey, , well done for going, and very good news!!

    Take care

  • Great news is always welcome . So delighted for you !

    Phew you can relax .


  • Dear John

    that's great news, time to relax.  It's not so good for me, PSA was last measured in July, 11+, the number to 'ring bells' is 4, test was redone 6 weeks later, up to 13.6.  Went for am MRI scan this morning at Clatterbridge, apt with urologist next week for results; this is a repeat of experience in 2012 when I had 3 biopsies, at least they do MRI scan first now.  So, Bowel Cancer seems sorted, thank you RLUH, so now it's back to Prostate Cancer clinics!

    YNWA (Nice hat-trick from Mo at the weekend)


  • Oh dear! I finally realised what I was doing wrong to log in. Instead of rejoining my groups each time etc, I clicked on the picture of half a person on the top right and got to my groups straight away without rejoining. So simple. Feeling a bit silly now, but it will pass. 

  • Great news .

    Sorry to hear your news  Good luck!
    Just had my 3 1/2 year (delayed)  colonoscopy . All well thank goodness apart from diverticulitis, which is so common in my age group. I was given permission to sing despite droplet risk (much greater with the aerosol effect of the colonoscopy anyway) and gave my rehearsed repertoire a good airing. They seems to enjoy it, and it takes me away from the anxiety.

    Got DH’s CT results same day.He had an acute abdomen in. May, possible diverticulitis. They found severe diverticulitis in left colon, but also thickened terminal ileum, which looked weird. They are going to try to push the tube into the ileum, if not possible he will have an MRI.

    I’m more worried about him than I was about myself.HIs colonoscopy will be in Oct. They wanted us to be done on the same day! That would not have worked.

    Onwards and flatwards (don't do hills) and keep walking if you can!

  • Hi Mike ,

    Sorry to hear that . Hope you get on ok at your appointment. 

    So frustrating when health issues creep up but I know they will be taking good care of you .

    Are you in restrictions in Liverpool . We have a few up here but it’s not been too bad really . Lots of freedom to get out and about whilst doing our bit . However told to brace for more . Yikes !

    take care ,