No such thing as being silly!

Hi everyone 

I have just been reading some of your posts and felt compelled to send a message of positivity. It’s easy for me to say now as I’ve had my ileostomy reversal, and am doing well. My big op was around 6 hours and I remember clearly waking up. I complained that they’d only just put me to sleep! I had no pain and was on a ward quite quickly after surgery. That was last November. I decided that I would make a real effort not to try and remember much about that time as I suffer with anxiety, and it wouldn’t help me move forward. The staff at the hospital were all amazing. Four months on and I’ve had my reversal. I know how lucky I have been just being able to have that. There really is a lot to be thankful for and to look forward to. I’m truly sorry that you are having to deal with the additional stress of the Coronavirus. Sending you all lots of love.