self isolating/refraining from social contact

Hi everyone

I am currently just starting a 12 week isolated period due to being high risk as still receiving chemotherapy oh and my 3rd nipple (Ileostomy). In a previous discussion regarding Coronavirus and work it was suggested by Court maybe we could start a thread to help others during this stressful and lonely time. If either self isolating or dealing with a diagnosis of covid 19 or anything else at all. I am more than happy to use my 12 weeks in quarentine as such to try and help in anyway possible. Please please any suggestions or ideas where we can help eachother in any way shape or form.

Regards Mark

  • Hi Peacock62

    I also have a Ileostomy stoma and have also been told by coloplast I should be ok for supplies. Regards self isolating my SEO on my command my big boss on the command as per the dwp guidelines has advised me not to come in. I have spoken to my chemotherapy team today and my chemotherapy is still on Friday but no-one can accompany me in there. Also as it stands my oncologist appointment I have on Monday is still on the hospital is closed for visitors hence the chemotherapy team only letting in myself.

    Regards Mark

    Every day is a good day regardless
  • Hi

    I am so pleased to see some of the supermarkets doing that as the greedy just wont hold back . 
    I heard some Lidl shops were doing the same . We have a local restaurant delivering soup to isolated people . Locally some people are offering to get shopping . It helps to hear that . My mum was touched to get an offer . Not that she will probably need it but it so encouraged her .  

    I also got an email from Waitrose saying they were restricting items but are happy to deliver to people’s doors if they are self isolating . 

    Not sure about my son’s strategy though . He rented me a movie from Amazon . Contagious. Oh my the current world is shaped on that movie so went to bed shaking. Then today cabin fever is setting in and he reconnected with his childhood recorder . What a din ! 

    I think London is five days ahead of us up here . It sounds rough . I hope you have some food  in and stay a home for a bit . I heard a mum with an autistic son with a limited diet had pleaded with people to think of others with restricted diets .

    Our schools are officially out on Friday and looking at online classrooms . 

    take care


  • Hi everyone 

    Yes think we will have to self isolate soon at the moment I'm only walking to park and walking away from everybody else . We only live in a small flat so is going to be hard. It's difficult with the shopping because I drive there and hubby goes in making me stay in the car but I worry about him because he's 20 years older in the at risk group and is recovering from cancer although not on chemo. He thinks im more at risk though . If things weren't hard enough before this started. We are all in the same boat with this and just have to do our best to stay safe

    Lots of love 

    Peacock62 xxx

  • Hi all, 

    Yes we just have to stay safe and be careful who we see. Just feel so sad for the poor pupils who are not able to sit their exams in May and June and the parents having to organise child care and support .

    Unfortunately we are not going to be able to visit my parents now who are both in their 80s so at risk group. Where they live in Suffolk a lot of second home owners have come up from London so that is a worry.

    I haven't been out of my flat for 2 days but going to brave the shops now as I have no fresh vegetables. 

    Hope you all stay safe and well, 

    I am going to do some painting later on to take my mind off the situation . 

    Oh Court what was your son thinking of to rent you that movie!! I think you should take his recorder away from him. 


    Best wishes 
  • I thought we had to stay put so we don’t take our germs to new places !! Lots of people here just dismissing the advise . 
    Hope you managed to get some food . 
    Think my mum is maybe regarding me as a risk factor . Dropped in some food and she had a cover over her mouth ! Perhaps leave it at the door for a few weeks ! Think she is a bit scared .

    Sun is out here so that positive.

    Are we going to get to see your artwork . Quite ease to load photos! 
    take care ,


  • Hi everyone 

    Tesco announced that they were opening for the elderly and vulnerable at 9am to 10am when we called yesterday they told us yes this is true and it opens at 9am , well today we got there at 8.30 and Ragee store had already been opened at 7am for everybody. The locusts had already stripped the shelves !!! There were hoards of people in there absolutely shocking we were under the impression that it wRageld be a safe environment before anyone else used the  store.  My blood was  boiling I was so angry . The only thing they were doing was letting us use the till and jump the que.  Sainsburys apparentRage yesterday here in London was the same they just let everybody in .Did manage to get a few bits no milk no toilet rolls etc but I was more worried about being exposed to the crowds,  the government Ragest step in soon to do something about it. Rant over and out Rage

    stay safe everyone

    Lots of love 

    Peacock62 xxc

  • It is so so frustrating . To be fair M and S did only allow vulnerable and elderly in .I arrived at eight .  I went with my list purely for my mum and got turned away . Going to go to Waitrose for her as they are letting those who are shopping for self isolating people in too . It’s getting complicated as I am spending more time at the shops as we have five people in the family self isolating and I have to do separate shops for essentials. Feel I am becoming more of a health hazard to them . This is so complicated . I think they should make their online facilities purely for the vulnerable and self isolating. Then we really could ensure they are fed . I emailed m and s as I have said to all my elderly neighbours just to give me a call but not sure if I can source stuff . 
    Getting a bit suspicious they are enjoying the sales as they could easily go further . Bit  token gesture .They could back up their actions with online shopping dedicated to the vulnerable and the rest of us can get our elbows out !! 

    I really am sorry you encountered that . I asked if they are going to find a way to identify vulnerable or carers . He turned round and said “ nine o’clock “ in a very smug tone . So rude . Did not even say they would take it up with management or answer my questions. Profits the whole way . Only good thing the group that got in were in that category. But should they be out !! It’s a minefield to navigate . Think this needs addressed urgently as you say if they are in before you and after it’s been cleaned and the food gone then it’s pointless. 

    Anyway my rant over too . Hope you got some stuff to get you over the weekend . 

    Someone said the supermarkets could have stepped in much earlier but waited till their sales were going great . Christmas come very early for them .

    take care ,


  • Must of been traumatic for you both and definitely not what you were expecting I'm sure. Why oh why do the supermarkets say these things then go back on there own words. I can only see this getting worse unless as you say the government step in and take some form of control to allow the high risk and vulnerable to get essentials without having to fight over everything.

    Stay safe


    Every day is a good day regardless
  •  Updated guidelines for   visiting NHS hospitals 

  • Hi Everyone ,

    Just dropped my MP an email asking for vulnerable groups to be made a priority for online food shopping . Explained some of the problems encountered and how vulnerable groups are being over exposed and drawn out from isolation to still be confronted with empty shelves and unnecessary exposure .

    We shall see ,