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Advice please

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Hi everyone I would appreciate some advice please. My mum who is in her 80's has lost a bit of weight along with some other symptoms so the doctor arranged blood tests which showed inflammation. Not sure why but a scan was then arranged which showed a mass in bowel so she then had a colonoscopy and biopsy was taken and she was told she would be contacted after the MDT meeting which is sometime this week. Does this sound like they are suspecting cancer? The waiting is awful. Thanks in advance

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Hi and welcome to the board although I’m sorry to hear that your mum is not so well.

There are a lot of complaints that present the same symptoms associated with Bowel cancer like colitis, crohns, ibs etc. but it sounds like the hospital is being very thorough. Unfortunately the waiting for biopsy results and meeting outcomes is very stressful but necessary to get the best treatment plan in place for your mum. 

All you can do is try to distract yourself and keep busy. Please do not google - you do not know what the diagnosis is yet and even then, google is best avoided as the information is out of date and downright scary in places. Will you be able to go to the meeting with your mum? 2 pairs of ears are better than one and take a pen and paper to jot down any questions/information.

Please come back and let us know how you get on

Take care

Karen x

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Thanks for your reply. It's hard not to panic especially when you hear the word mass. Hopefully we will get some answers soon