Bowel (colon and rectum) cancer

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Colon cancer

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hi my sister has been diagnosed with colon cancer in sigmoid area . Could not do colonoscopy so had cat scan which showed spots on her liver and stomach lining . She’s seeing consultant in a weeks time to go thru treatment they said it’s treatable . Anyone got any experience if this she is so scared she is going to die . She’s only 50 . 

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Hi ,

Welcome to the forum but I am so sorry to hear about your sister . It is very distressing to hear that cancer has spread . If you click on my user name you will see that my mum was given a stage 4 diagnosis ten years ago .

Once cancer has spread it depends more on how you respond to chemo and there is a lot of hope in that . Bowel cancer is in the favourable position of having a lot of different treatment options with many different chemo combinations . Some people stay on maintenance chemo and some have treatment free periods and recommence treatment when the scans dictate . Some people get significant shrinkage and some people achieve stability . Cancer treatment and hospital appointments become part of life and require to be managed , monitored and accommodated . However  some people are not so fortunate but there are new Immunotherapy treatments emerging so there is options opening up in the pipe line .

It is not a situation without hope and there are many good times still to be factored in . The first oncologist appointment is a tough one as they certainly reality check the situation but it’s best to keep in mind some people do well despite a difficult diagnosis and go on to life a good life if not somewhat altered. 

take care and send her out love ,