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Me too . She is one strong young women . 

Much love to you both ,


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I'm so pleased that Laura is making good progress, walking to the coffee shop is a great achievement and you are so right to be proud of her, but the biggest achievement is mastering emptying the bag and I hope she is getting to grips with changing a new pouch as this is what the stoma care nurses will be looking for once she masters it, it's all systems go to getting home.

Just a gentle reminder when Laura gets home the door to the online community is always open if she needs help with anything at all she just needs to ask and she should never consider any question silly, if she is thinking it ask it, get the answer and solve the problem we don't mind what the question is we just want to make her life easier and for her to be at ease with wearing a bag and to start to enjoy life again.

She will be sent home with supplies of everything she needs and her first monthly order will arrive when she is at home but if she needs helps with any of the products, I'm here to be of help if you need me. Once she finds out who will be supplying her supplies make sure she gets everything on offer especially items like disposable and washable bed pads they are a godsend in times of night time accidents, she should also make sure she has a RADAR key and a can't wait Toilet card (Macmillans have a very good one which comes with a key fob)

Wish Laura well from me if you wouldn't mind.


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Thank you so much Ian , I’ve joined the group you suggested and will certainly be asking loads of questions . The stoma nurse was with her Friday and showed her how to change the bag but she wants to meet us both on Monday so that I’ll know how help Laura if she needs me to . She is eating better today too , not as nervous about it . She’s doing really well , I looking forward  to having  her home again and I know she can’t wait to be home too