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discharge from bowels

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does anybody know if its normal to pass mucus from the bowels even though you have a colostomy bag?.. kev has just finished 5 weeks of chemo/radiotherapy, and the discharge from his bowels has increased.. his stoma is working perfectly

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Yes it's perfectly normal - the Bowel produces mucus to lubricate and help the passing of stools and it continues to do this even with a colostomy or ileostomy

Hope this link to the stomawise site helps

Karen x

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Hi Manda,

Yes it is normal and I'm still getting mucus. Some days it's lots and other days there's barely any. It's normal for it to increase after treatment. I finished treatment on june 5th and I make sure I wear towels (night time size) when I go out in case of any leakage. 

Mbun x