goblet cell carcinoid

Hi my wife had surgary for what we thought was overian cancer onley to find out it was appendics cancer this was in july 7th 2016 she is still waiting for her wound to heal before she can have chemo.

We have recentley been toid it has traveled to her small bowel which cannot be opperated on is chemo 


  • I'm sorry about your wife. Where are you being treated? It would be worth asking for a referral to the Christie in Manchester or Basingstoke, which are the two UK specialist centres for peritoneal surface malignancies. There are a number of cancer types that start in the appendix and are often grouped together under the term "pseudomyxoma" and you might find it helpful to get advice from the UK national charity, Pseudomyxona Survivor. They can help you organise a second opinion if you decide this is helpd. Wishing you all the best.